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ART SPOT and Pumpkins After Dark are proud to offer an exciting opportunity for artists and artist teams to showcase their talents in an outside the box way. We are looking for artists to create an immersive experience for the public to enjoy. As this event is in the early stages of planning, not all details are available at this time. We realize that might be challenging to apply without knowing full project specs. At this time, we ask that you apply with your idea to the best of your ability given the details provided. All artists will be notified by March 26th, at which point a short list will be chosen. Short listed artists will be interviewed to help us better understand your requirements. All projects will be finalized prior to April 15th. Selected artists will have 4 months to produce their project.

Although this will be showcased within a Pumpkin/ Halloween themed event, not all projects are required to be thematic. However, if you are inspired by the theme, we welcome thematic applications. We have options for indoor or outdoor installations. We are looking for something memorable, never seen before, instagrammable, interactive and above all- fun for all ages!


Technical Details:

Size: We will offer the walls to house each “room”. Within each room, an artist or artist team’s installation will be showcased. The size and shape of each “room” will be determined by the needs of each project. Please note that each room must be large enough to withstand many people walking through it. Some examples of possible sizes are 20x20’- 40x80’, a hallway connecting spaces, etc. The “walls” may be plywood or may be construction fencing. There is not a ceiling provided.

Power: At this point, we do not have a power plan in place. Please apply with a power plan to the best of your ability and we will do our best to accommodate if your project is selected.

Location/ Install: This opportunity is open to artists in Alberta and British Columbia. We will consider applications from other Canadian applicants if shipping is feasible. Since these installations may be transported to different cities, it is imperative that the installations are able to be dismantled and transported. Selected artists will be required to produce an instruction manual on how to assemble their installation, should it be transported to a city that they are not in. Calgary based artists will set up their installation in our local warehouse, in order to document it and produce set up instructions. Our local warehouse may be available for some production if required.

Budget: Please apply with a budget outlining your building materials, artist fees, audio, visual and lighting needs. Please indicate if any of the details of your project are scalable based on the funding available.

Safety: And finally, it is important to note that these installations will be experienced by thousands of people. Safety is of utmost importance. Projects that can be (but are not intended to be) climbed, hung off of, or projects with fragile or sharp material will not be considered.

If you have questions, please email

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